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The Montessori teacher, or directress, is a skilled educator who has completed one or more years of intensive Montessori training. The two key components of the Montessori Method are the prepared environment and the trained educator who prepares the environment as a nurturing place for the child, designed to meet the needs of self construction.

Incarnations has a dedicated team and skilled educators undergone Montessori training committed to the Children and Montessori philosophy. Each Environment has two Montessori Adults who hold diplomas from The Indian Montessori Training Centre / The Association Montessori Internationale / The Indian Institute of Montessori Studies in addition to a Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree.

Further they raise up their capacities to the needful thru higher studies and workshops.

The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say. The children are now working as if I do not exist.

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