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Process & Procedure

A simple 4 step admission process is followed at Incarnations Montessori.

  • Step 1 - Attending open house or scheduling a tour
  • Step 2 - Apply
  • Step 3 - Intreviews and discussion
  • Step 4 - Enrollment

Attending Openhouse

Incarnations Montessori encourage all prospective parents and students to schedule a tour as the first step in the admission process and to attend the open house the previous year. Open house notice will be posted in the website, interested parents are requested to follow such notices and are invited to know more about the method and the school.

During Open house the School is kept open for the visitors and materials are exhibited and the Montessori guides are available for your necessary clarification.


Apply the duly filled application form either from sourcing it from the website or from the front office.
Click here to apply online.

Intreviews & Discussions

All application forms are scrutinised by our Admissions Team, who then invite the parents along with their child/children for an interaction involves an active discussion before the final decision.

Enrollment & Fee payment

Our official enrollment of a child in our Montessori programme happens when the Founders and Directress have approved the admission of the particular child and received the admission fees for the relevant academic year.

Fees must be paid for the whole academic year in advance, on or before the due date given. Parents are requested to keep in mind that the place for their child is kept for the whole academic year, not a part of it. Therefore, if circumstances require them to leave, during the academic year, the amount paid will not be refunded. If the parent experience financial difficulties they may address a letter to the Management and request for payment in two installments. The payment arrangements should be given in writing.

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