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Incarnations Montessori believes in Montessori philosophy through its vast experience with the children. Parents to value the method, philosophy and respect the policies of the school, so that both the home and the school work together as a harmonious environment. Every child is unique. We respect and value that each one learns in his own way, at their own pace and must be given the opportunity for this unique development.

If the sibling of a child has studied at Incarnations, he/she should have finished one complete cycle of their learning phase for us to proceed to the admission for the next child.

No of admissions at Incarnations Montessori School is based on vacancy created during the relevant academic year.

Available seats in each environment/ classrooms are identified in the last term of the academic year for the coming academic year. Parents, who have decided their children will not be continuing for the next academic year starting in June, are requested to inform the school office by the previous November. Similarly, applications for Transfer Certificates will be issued on the last day of the academic year along with their Montessori programme reports.

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