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Incarnations Montessori is established in 2010 to cater the educational needs of the children through a developmental approach. We serve the children according to their stages of development thru Dr.Montessori approach.

Toddlers aged around 1.9 to 3 years and children aged around 3 to 6 years are the two communities make Incarnations campus.

Elementary children aged around 6 to 12 and young adults aged around 12 to 16 years are the two communities make The Flow campus.

“Knowledge can be best given when there is eagerness to learn, so this is the period when the seed of everything can be sown, the child’s mind being like a fertile field, ready to receive what will germinate into culture…..if asked how many seeds may be sown, her answer is: As many as possible!” - To Educate the Human Potential

1.9 years to 2.6+ years – Toddlers - Young children community

The first three years of life are the most fundamental in the development of human beings and their potential. Children in this program play and learn through Montessori curriculum in a customized environment for small bodies that encourages exploration and development. The children join the toddler group where their primary motor co-ordination, independence and language are cultivated. Rather than a classroom, it is a nurturing environment where very young children experience their first structured contact with other children.

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2.6 years to 6 +years – Primary – House of children community

Children between the age of birth and six possess an "absorbent mind" and explore the world through senses. The 3 to 6+ year old child is undergoing a process of self-construction. The application of the Montessori philosophy and the specifically designed Montessori equipment aids the child's ability to absorb knowledge and continue this path of self-construction. The Primary environment serves this drive abundantly, bringing the world to the child through Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Creative Arts, Music, Science, Geography and Cultural Studies. Acquisition of one's own first culture is the child's central developmental drive in the early childhood.

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6 years to 12+ years – Elementary community

The Flow - Elementary Community experiences the classroom and the world outside the classroom which fuels your child’s imagination, reasoning skills, social development and great intellect by providing individualized and small group lessons and projects focuses on purposeful work, freedom within limits and curiosity to research. Cosmic education is the “organizing centre” of the Montessori elementary experience. Children view the whole universe and gets revealed that everything in this universe is interrelated and interdependent. The elementary opens up with 5 great stories which opens up for geography, biology, history, language, mathematics in all its branches, science, music and art. Exploration of each area is encouraged through “going out” beyond the classroom community resources which interests them such as library, planetarium, botanical garden, forest, science centre, factory, hospital, farms etc. This inclusive approach to education fosters a feeling of connectedness to all humanity, and encourages their natural desire to make contributions to the world.

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12 years to 16 years – High School/Erd kinder – Young Adolescent community

Incarnations Montessori School is in progress to offer an exceptional experience for The Flow young adolescent community with the upcoming new campus for the age group 12 to 16 years children, the truly unique, world class farm school. The Flow school will provide the ideal setting for students to expand their knowledge and embark on adult-like responsibilities, resulting in a solid, unique foundation for young adulthood. The Adolescent program is tailored to the developmental needs of each individual. Students of varying abilities thrive as they learn work together. Integrated studies lead to sophisticated problem-solving and contributions to their school community. They become eligible to write IGCSE examination at the end of their achieved capacities at Incarnations and progress themselves to the university.

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“One of the most urgent endeavors to be undertaken on behalf of the reconstruction of the society is the reconstruction of education.It must be brought about by giving children the environment that is adapted to their nature." - Maria Montessori

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